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Real, high-quality extra virgin olive oil has well-researched anti-inflammatory compounds, antioxidants and numerous heart-healthy macronutrients. The health benefits of olive oil are unrivaled and the flavor is unmatched.  Our The Italian Cerasuola from Sicily is a very nice, complex, medium-intensity oil. It has the flavor of cooked artichoke, green banana, mint, and nettle. For a mouthwatering dressing, try it with one of our balsamic vinegars. 

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Black truffle sea salt

Salt has been used as a natural flavoring for thousands of years, and it’s so vital to our existence that we’ve even been created with a portion of our tongues designated to taste saltiness. Sicilian sea salt blended with dried black summer truffles creates our most popular salt. The  intoxicating collaboration of flavor and aroma will bring intensity and richness to any dish. Add natural earthiness to risottos, pastas, burgers, eggs, popcorn, french fries or anything else. 

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fIG Dark Balsamic

Of all of the benefits of balsamic vinegar, this one is perhaps the most well documented. Balsamic vinegar is an excellent choice for those looking to maintain or lower their cholesterol levels and lose weight. The antioxidants found in our fig balsamic vinegar target the “scavenger cells” that are toxic to your body. The mellow velvety richness of Aged Balsamic Vinegar combined with a silky fig puree make this our most popular seller. Thick, ripe and bursting with fig flavor.

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our mission

Wellness, beauty and happiness
begin with wholesome ingredients.

We have created The Secret Ingredient Girls to share our passion for food, cooking and wellness with others. 
We love to eat, shop and cook. We believe that great food, and really everything good in life, begins with wholesome ingredients.
We believe that cooking with tasty and nourishing ingredients at home is the best way to stay healthy, because knowing exactly what goes into our bodies elevates the healing power of food.
We love what we do and believe in the power of women to be a force in uniting the world through food.
Over time we hope to nurture a community willing to share its time-tested secret ingredients with one another. 
For now though, we have created this space filled with ingredients that we love and hold dear.  

Find your secret ingredient!