The Secret Ingredient Girls boast the highest standard for Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the world. Our standard surpasses all existing Italian, Spanish, Greek, or Californian Extra Virgin quality standards, as well as International Olive Council (IOC), Australian Olive Association (AOA) and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) quality standards. 

To better understand the significance of The Secret Ingredient Girl’s quality standard, it is important to keep in mind that the term Extra Virgin represents the highest quality standard for olive oil, but no country or governing body has ever been able to agree upon one universal quality standard designed to cover the entire olive oil industry as a whole. Thus quality standards vary all over the world. However, those coexisting quality standards all agree that before any olive oil can be graded and labeled as Extra Virgin it must first go through a two step process. 

The first step requires an olive oil to pass an internationally accepted chemical analysis performed in a laboratory. 

As you can see from the chart below, there's really not much of a comparison. The Secret Ingredient Girl’s quality standard beats every current internationally accepted high quality chemical standard by a wide margin.

Chemistry class was never too fun for us either, so we understand if the chart just looks like a bunch of numbers! Nonetheless, these numbers are extremely important because they help to identify and quantify an oil's freshness, healthfulness and authenticity.

The typical shelf life for Extra Virgin Olive Oil is approximately 18 months from its harvest date, so EVOO is most healthful when it is fresh! Unfortunately, not all oils are created equal, so freshness does not always guarantee healthfulness. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is also ranked as one of the top ten most fraudulent foods worldwide, so it always pays to know that you are actually buying authentic Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

Click here to read about what each chemical parameter indicates about the quality of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

The second step requires an olive oil to pass a taste analysis performed by internationally accredited tasting panel consisting of 8-12 judges trained in the sensory evaluation of olive oil. The tasting panel must judge an oil free of all taste defects before it can be graded and labeled as Extra Virgin. 

The Secret Ingredient Girls’ quality standard expands on this step in the process. Not only must an oil be judged free of all taste defects by an accredited tasting panel, but it must also receive minimum sensory evaluation scores in the positive taste attribute categories of FruitinessBitterness and Pungency

The Secret Ingredient Girls expand on the Extra Virgin quality standard by creating more stringent parameters for objectively grading an olive oil's chemistry and taste. This criteria rewards both olive oil consumers and olive oil producers. Consumers now have greater access to the best tasting, most healthful olive oils being produced, while the world's top producers now have greater demand for the high quality oils they produce. 

Unfortunately,  the overwhelming majority of the oils being marketed as Extra Virgin in the United States have never been subjected to either a chemical or taste analysis. Does that mean that every one of those oils is substandard? No. Does it mean that many of those oils should not be labeled as Extra Virgin? Absolutely.

The Girls know you have a choice where to buy your olive oil. It is our mission to provide our clientele with only the freshest, most healthful and greatest tasting olive oils being produced. We also take great pride in providing our customers with the most accurate chemical and taste analysis data available.