oin the TSIG Olive Oil Club.
The girls support and work
with only the finest olive oil makers in the world.


Subscribe and receive an extra virgin olive oil from the most recent harvest every 2 months or Every 3 months.

The Girls chose only the freshest extra virgin olive oils that they hand select after meeting with the top producers from around the world. The limited edition oils the Girls chose for the club only come from the most recent harvest. From harvest to harvest each oil carries the imprint of its terroir…the soil, the climate, the type of olive and how the olives are processed. In many ways its like wine: you can taste a sense of place in every drop.

TSIG Olive Oil Club
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what you do:

  • Select the Frequency

  • Add it to your cart

  • Add a gift message if you’re buying the club as a Gift

  • Pay for it

  • enjoy a new and always fresh harvest

what the girls do:

  • we meet with the finest olive oil makers from around the world

  • We select a fresh limited edition extra virgin olive oil

  • we Ship you 1 bottle of our Favorite Extra Virgin Olive Oil from our current harvest in our 500 ml / 16.9 oz bottle size

  • If you select 1 bottle every 3 months we’ll ship in March, June, September and December

  • if you select 1 bottle every 2 months we’ll ship in February, april, june, august, october and December

  • For the 2018 Holiday Season, Local delivery will be available until december 23rd. Mail orders must be placed before december 10th to ship in time for Christmas. After 12/1o We will provide a personalized gift message to share with your RECIPIENT(s).

TSIG Olive Oil Club
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