Every Boob Is a Good Boob Ceramic Dishes
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Every Boob is a good boob ceramic Dishes

No Boob is created equal and so is each dish by ceramic artist Jenna Hope Goldstein. Each masterpeice is handmade, hand painted, unique and different. 
We like to use them to dip and enjoy our oils and vinegars, to serve salt and even to rest our rings.

Please be aware that each dish is created by hand and it’s unique. You are welcome to choose from our selection but be aware each illustrations may vary. When purchasing indicate the number you like.

We are proud to let you know part of the proceedings are donated to organizations that advocate, provide, & protect human right for women and all genders. 

If you are interested in buying a full set and/or different sizes please contact us via email. We would be delighted to discuss pricing and delivery time.


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